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Tampa Office:
J. Jonathan Means
Daniel Westbrook
Ray Leviston
Professional Smiling Woman
Hailey Ross

President,  Chief Brand Strategist

Jonathan has over 18 years of experience working in the entertainment and sports industry. He secured record deals, TV roles, music in film deals, endorsements & licensing, contract negotiations, for high profile celebrities and aspiring recording artist,  while ensuring comprehensive career planning for JMBESG's clients. Mr. Means have began to transition his role into developing & producing TV shows for broadcast and cable networks.

VP, Marketing Director

Daniel brings deep digital expertise with focus on creating an integrated and effective communication experience for our clients. His goal is to create an intersection of culture, commerce and media, assisting our client brands in leveraging digital and social tools to further engage their markets in ways that lead to improved relevance, affinity and preference, and ultimately, revenue.

VP, Creative Director

Ray is responsible for the creative team and creative processes; the ideation, presentation and execution of client branding, marketing communications campaigns;  profitability, and creative quality of client projects, all in fulfillment of our client's brand goals.  

 Head of Digital Brand Development

Hailey responsibilities entail driving growth and awareness across all client's brand collaterals by converting traditional, physical brand management, awareness and marketing to digital consumer, fan, and customer experiences.  

She plays a major role in  identifying and evaluating new digital technologies to better optimize marketing & brand campaigns, 

Andrew Madison

VP, Technology/Strategic Partnerships

Andrew is responsible for executing strategic plans to identify, engage, secure and fulfill partnerships with corporate brands, sport franchises, advertising agencies, and celebrity brands; integrating those brands via IP rights and branded content.  

Alex E. Miller

Brand Manager/Social Media Brand Strategist

Alex is responsible managing multiple transforming and breakthrough brand innovation projects, from insight development to launch. His role also include creating and developing content for client brand specifically for growing a following on social media.

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Trevon Young

Athlete Brand Manager


Trevon is responsible for creating and developing content for client brands specifically for growing a following on social media. His duties in acquiring global brand partnerships that include endorsements, licensing, and brand ambassadors with regional to international corporate brands.

Atlanta Office:
Travis Looney

Director, Talent Acquisition 

Travis is emerging as one of the keenest minds in entertainment & sports management industries. He has extensive experience in talent management, music publishing, production,  marketing/promotion, distribution, and touring. He is responsible for talent acquisition, brand development, and  A&R,  in our Atlanta Offices.

Chris Baker

Director, Athlete Brand Development

Chris responsibilities entail generating and facilitating local, regional, and national marketing deals for all sports clients including endorsements with media (television, radio, music videos), apparel brands, food & beverage brands, Nutrition and Health fitness brands in the southeastern markets.

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